The first supports have arrived!

The first supports have arrived!

I would like to thank the first 12 supporters from the bottom of my heart, because “you” have given the starting signal for the “Hi-Fish Crowdfunding” 😊.

Although we are enormously excited, this is just the beginning and we need many more “fans” and “supporters”.

Supporter balloons are arriving today and drink chips will be delivered in a fortnight, these will be printed on original poker chips. They are made of ceramic and have a diameter of 39 millimetres. The graphics are by Alexandra Noth from Herkules Design.

Lemonade Pink Price per piece 10
Beer/Mineral Yellow Price per piece 30
Cocktail Turquoise Price per piece 50


You see, support doesn’t have to cost much at all – besides, the tokens are something for collectors and they are valid without expiry date 😉

Now I ask you all to order drink chips and supporter material to get the business flowing and “Hi-Fish” flying 😉

So that we can meet soon at a “Hi-Fish Event” or “Popup” and toast together.

Find out more in the project link:

Please share the project with your friends – it is in 3 languages (GE/IT/FR) 😊

Best wishes & have a nice weekend

Jenny Jost

PS: “Cooking Show with Hi-Fish on Sat1” next Wednesday, 27 April 2022 at 19.55 on Sat.1 Switzerland. Name of the show: KitchenCase.

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