Hi-Fish Corona Crowdfunding

Hi-Fish Corona Crowdfunding

Dear friends

Finally the time has come and the “Hi-Fish Corona Crowdfunding” starts!

I have been working on the relaunch of my fashion label “Hi-Fish” (Est. 1994) for a very long time. In my plans to launch the “Hi-Fish Collection” and the “Hi-Fish Beer”, I was repeatedly thwarted and put in my place by the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up and even received tangible support. That’s how we managed to produce Hi-Fish fashion and bring it to the market.

Hi-Fish Webshop

Nevertheless, we have now run out of funds! And in order to continue, we need a short-term financial bridge. Also to pay for some of the upfront work to my team. And also to be able to order new “Hi-Fish Beer” again.

As guddis for you, there are balloons, beer mats, stickers, drink chips and vouchers. The graphics are created by Alexandra Noth.

Find out more details in the project link: Projekt-Link

We have also produced a clip for this initiative in each national language. The animation is by Robbie Müller and the photos by Nico Aebi. The sound is an acid track from 1995, produced by Cyril Böhler. He produced this track for the short film “Irina’s Lovers”. Modelled by: Jana, Jasmin and Andrew.

Take a look at the new Hi-Fish collection in German, Italian, French, English and Rumantsch:

We are launching this “crowdfunding” on the Lokalhelden.ch plattform, a charitable engagement of the Raiffeisen Group. Raiffeisen has launched the #LocalSupport programme and is making this platform available to SMEs in Switzerland suffering from Corona damage. I would like to emphasise that I very much welcome this initiative.

I assure you, “Hi-Fish” will fly – with your help!

Become a “fan” and support the “hi-Fish Corona Crowdfunding”!

Please share the project with your friends – it’s 3 languages


Thank you and I’m looking forward to your feedback 😉

Best wishes & happy Easter

Jenny Jost

PS: “Cooking Show with Hi-Fish on Sat1” next Wednesday, 27 April 2022 at 19.55 on Sat.1 Switzerland. Name of the show: KitchenCase.

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